Simple chords for piano from black keys

Continuing the conversation about how to play the chords on the piano, let's move the piano chords from the black keys. I remind you that in our field of attention the simplest chords are the major and minor triad. Applying even only one triad can "decently" harmonize almost any melody, any song.

How to build a triad on the piano and write it notes?

So, today we will figure out how to build a triad on note paper or on the instrument. But to begin with, let us repeat a little, what is this triad in music? Since childhood, since studying at a music school, I remember this verse: "Three sounds, some consonance is the perfect triad."

American music

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Ariana Grande: biography, best songs, interesting facts

Ariana Grande American composer and playwright Jason Robert Brown compared her voice with a universal instrument that allows her to overcome any obstacles and resist sophisticated criticism. By itself, the daring and young Ariana Grande was a kind of sensation in the world of pop music, capturing the hearts of millions of audiences.

La Campanella. Musical performances. Old songs.

What is old music like? What first comes to mind at the mention of it? Perhaps, the smooth and graceful movements of the dancers in elegant camisoles and powdered wigs? And perhaps the Gregorian chant, imbued with the spirit of severe asceticism? Or unpretentious old songs to the accompaniment of viola da gamba and lute?

La Campanella. Performances

Kings and beggars Songs and dances of kings and beggars performed by the ensemble of ancient music "La Campanella" The music, as in a mirror, reflects the life and work of famous rulers - Thibault Champagne, Henry VIII, Anna of Brittany and Prince of Orange, Karl XII of Sweden, Louis XIV - and their simple contemporaries.